Recipes You Should Be Making With Juicer Pulp

After making that refreshing glass of juice we are always left behind with something that we don’t know how to use. The juicer pulp. What most of people don’t know is that we can always turn them into something more useful. Again there are nutrients and a lot of fiber that have been left in juicer pulp. So rather than throwing it away why don’t we use it to enrich our bodies. This can be a perfect way to stop wasting your food.Today we are going to discuss some meals or snacks that can be made from juicer pulp.

Fruits Salads


This salad can be very beneficial to the kids. You need the following:

  1. Juicer pulp made from fruits
  2. Apples or oranges or whatever fruit your child likes
  3. Honey
  4. Olive oil
  5. Yogurt
  6. cut your preferred fruits into pieces
  7. mix the honey ,olive oil and yogurt all together in the pieces of fruit
  8. stir the mixture with the juicer pulp

The same process can be followed when making the salad using vegetable juicer pulp.


The vegetable juicer pulp can add taste to your broth. May it be a chicken or a bone broth. When making this you need to simply pour it in the broth when it starts to boil and you are good to go.

Breakfast Cereals

Juicer Pulp

You simply need to add your juicer pulp to the cereals. For this you need to use fruit juicer pulp so you can get the awesome taste.

Use The Juicer Pulp In Baking

This will make whatever you are baking to have more nutrients and fiber hence making you health. Put a little of vegetable or fruit juicer pulp when you are making your bread,muffins,pancakes,cakes or muffins.



Rather than throwing away your vegetable juicer pulp simply add it to your soup. This will make the soup to have a great taste and actually thicken it.


You can make a vegetable burger by using the juicer pulp left behind when you make juice. The base of the burger has to be made from the vegetable juice pulp maybe from the carrots or spinach. You also can use almonds and mushroom when making the vegetable burger. This can be very beneficial to the people who have problems with grains.

Make Smoothies

When you make smoothies using juicer pulp you add to your body a certain percentage of fiber,proteins and fats. Its also the easiest method to use the juicer pulp rather than throwing it away. You simply need to add it to ingredients when making smoothies.


You can make crackers with juicer pulp especially the vegetable ones like carrots juicer pulp. But the fruit juicer pulp could also work.

So there you go,simple ways to use the juicer pulp rather than than throw it away. The juicer pulp can be very beneficial to your body because it contains fiber and a lot more nutrients. It can also add color and taste to your meals.
Another way we could get the maximum amount of nutrients from fruits and vegetables without having to use the juicer pulp is using cold press juicer. The cold press juicer uses a hydraulic press which uses pressure to extract the maximum liquid. There is no additional air or heat used hence all nutrients are maintained.

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