Quick Ways to Become a Better Cook

There are few more effective ways to make a be ter impression than cooking well. Short of getting a culinary degree, here are some simple ways you can improve your culinary skills to take your home meals to the next level.

Improve your knife skills

Cook ApprenticeAny chef worth her salt wields a knife with confidence and ease and sharpens it regularly. These are not skills that are developed overnight; rather, they require practice and are used every day. In order to home your knife skills, practice chopping fruits and vegetables into different shapes. Cut carrots into moons and matchsticks. Potatoes can be cut into cubes, and peppers can be cut into wedges.

For some dishes, you can skip the knife and use either a blender, food processor, or centrifugal juicer, depending on how fine you want your pieces. Consider using one of these machines when making soup broth or salsa for rich flavors. Utilizing a high-quality machine can significantly reduce prep time, especially when you are still learning how to use a chef’s knife.

It’s all about the sauce

cookPerfecting a rich sauce or marinade will have your guests talking about your next dinner party for weeks on end. Leave a rich tomato sauce simmering on the stove before serving it over pasta or lasagna, or adding it to your favorite pizza dough recipe. Marinade a fish or chicken breast in a rich lemon sauce overnight. Make your own eye-popping hot sauce with chili peppers and pumpkin seeds.

In order to save space on your cutting board, again consider using your preferred appliance, whether it’s a food processer, centrifugal juicer, or blender to break down the fruits and vegetables in your recipe. Rather than replicating a horror moving on your kitchen counter, why not put a whole tomato
into an appliance to contain the mess?

Drink your dinner or brunch

cookFinally, during the warm months, your guests are less likely to appreciate your hearty tomato sauce and will likely turn instead to cooler drinks. Nothing beats a hot day like a tropical
smoothie, with or without some added alcohol. Unless you enjoy giving your hands and writs an intense workout with a manual juicer, this is one time when you should grab the appliance first.

Using a blender or food processer would make your beverage a little chunkier than using a centrifugal
juicer. Additionally, blenders often have “pulse” or “crush” settings that would allow you to add ice to your concoction. However, using a centrifugal juicer would eliminate pulp, pleasing picky drinkers, and make your drinks extra foamy. The next time you make brunch, consider juicing your oranges for heavenly OJ.

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