How to choose pineapple?

If you like such a tropical delicacy as a pineapple, but will have difficulty in choosing this fruit in the store, or in the market, then this instruction should be useful to you.

When buying pineapple, you should pay attention to 4 main components: smell, tops (top with greenery), crust and pulp.

The smell

Ripe pineapple should exude a subtle smell. If the pineapple produces a sharp, instantly palpable smell, then the fruit is overripe and has already begun to rot. If any odor is absent, then the fruit is either still green, or it is a pineapple ripening during the delivery, i.e. already after it was collected, and therefore this fruit is second-rate.

The plant

If the top leaves of the pineapple are thick and juicy, while they are easily separated from the fruit, the fruit is ripe. By the same principle, if a single leaflet does not break away from the base, then the fruit is not mature. The yellowed and dry top of the pineapple means that it has already begun to deteriorate.

And most importantly, you need to take this very green top of the pineapple with your hands and twist it around your axis. Yes Yes! A ripe pineapple top (green) turns! If the top does not turn, then the pineapple is not ripe.


The ripe pineapple is slightly soft to the touch, but its crust remains elastic. Immature pineapples to touch much harder. By the way, the green crust is not always an indication that the fruit did not arrive. But the crust, covered with dark spots, means that the pineapple has already begun to deteriorate.


Slap the pineapple palm. If the sound is deaf, then the fruit is mature enough, if the pineapple makes an “empty” sound, then it is overripe and “shrunk.” The inside of a mature pineapple is bright yellow-golden in color. A paler color is observed in unripe fruits.

By the way, to store uncut pineapple it is necessary only at room temperature, in a refrigerator it at once will lose the aroma and become more watery.

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