Best Vacuums for Pet Hair

Almost always the appearance of a fluffy friend in the house is not only associated with pleasant minutes, but also with regular cares. Furniture with traces of claws, random puddles in the middle of the room, wool on clothes, a sofa and a floor … And if from the first two symptoms of the presence of animals you can get rid of time, then you can not get fuzzy pets completely to stop molting: it is in them themselves nature.

Best Vacuums for Dog & Pet Hair

Numerous villi make the room not too neat, with light air movement (during the opening of doors or windows) they can climb up, and then settle in the most unpredictable places – for example, on your plate, bedding or gadget screen. For many, fighting with wool turns into a real battle, which takes a lot of effort and precious time. Just in order to simplify the lives of such people, and specialized vacuum cleaners have been created that can effectively combat the hair of domestic animals.

What is the main difference between these vacuum cleaners and their common breasts, which we are accustomed to using in the cleaning process? Different manufacturers are different in approaching the solution of the situation with thin villi of animal origin, but the result is almost identical: they are not simply combed out of the carpets and collected from the floor, but also fall directly into the dust bag, and do not stay on the brush. In ordinary vacuum cleaners, wool, even after a couple of minutes after harvesting, can become so entangled in the bristles that further work will be impossible without manual cleaning.

In special vacuum cleaners for cleaning surfaces from animal wool, this problem is almost not apparent, although in practice everything depends on the power of the chosen model and the degree of contamination of the floor, carpet or soft furniture.

Typically, each of the companies for this purpose uses its own patented technology and its own brush design. By the way, manufacturers who care about owners of long-haired animals are not so few. Below we will try to consider the most interesting and popular vacuum cleaners, which help to effectively remove wool from carpets, smooth floor coverings and upholstered furniture. And we’ll start with the models that a few years ago were considered the most exotic – from robotic vacuum cleaners.

Thomas Pet & Friends Vacuum Cleaner

Thomas Pet & FriendsLike many other models of this manufacturer, Pet & Friends is designed for both dry and wet cleaning and has a proprietary aquafilter inside. In it, the flow of air and water is supplied in such a way that the incoming dust and nap particles are wetted several times, which results in their sticking.

Large cohesive lumps are very well retained by a special grating, which is a feature of this vacuum cleaner. It allows you to sort garbage, depending on the size of the small and large. Large (namely, it can be attributed slipsyasya villi) settles on the lattice immediately, and the smaller continues its movement further, where once again will be filtered.

In total, this vacuum cleaner has four degrees of cleaning, which allows you to effectively clean the floor and carpet products, as well as air, keeping up to 99.9% of dust and pollen in it. After the cleaning is over, you will need to drain the water (and its consumption is about one liter) and throw away a damp lump of wool and dust.

Traditional bags in this model are missing, so the owners will not have to worry about cleaning or replacing them. This also contributes to the fact that the suction power during operation does not change. After the usual dry cleaning is completed, you can perform a wet cleaning of the surface. In this case, pure water is supplied to it under strong pressure, in order to finally get rid of the stale dirt or carpet woven in the carpet.

Dyson DC37 Animal Turbine

This model can be called simultaneously the most productive and high-tech among those presented in this review. By the way, it has a predecessor – Dyson DC32 Animal Pro, it is slightly cheaper and has more modest characteristics.

But we will continue the conversation after all about Animal Turbine. This vacuum cleaner uses the proprietary cyclonic technology Radial Root Cyclone, which allows you to keep the suction power at the same level, regardless of the filling of the dust container. And, of course, it is ideal for combating dust and wool of domestic animals on smooth and carpet surfaces, as well as on upholstered furniture. For quality cleaning of hair and hair, the turbo brush, on the body of which the suction power control switches are located, is responsible.

In addition, the manufacturer recommends the use of the Dyson DC37 Animal Turbine vacuum cleaner in those apartments where people who are prone to allergic reactions live. This is due to the use of a high-filtration filter (HEPA-filter), capable of delaying the exit of the smallest dust particles, which in the process of harvesting the usual vacuum cleaner, somehow, re-enter the air and settle on the person’s airways.

In the kit, the buyer will also find a good set of additional accessories: a compact turbo-brush for cleaning upholstered furniture, a nozzle for hard surfaces and a stiff brush for heavily soiled surfaces. Ball technology allows the vacuum cleaner to easily rotate around its axis during cleaning, and to reduce noise, all the noisiest components are packaged in a special container with soundproof characteristics.

If you live in the same house with a furry friend, pay attention to these vacuum cleaners – they will help you get only positive emotions from communicating with a pet. And at the same time you will receive a reliable and reliable assistant, which will greatly simplify your routine cleaning.

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